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27th Apr 2001, 01:19 PM
And so it begins.

I hope they dont go all out for a great single player game and then tag on a multiplayer option at the end.

I really think multiplayer is where its at.

Single player is fine, but limited. Once you've gone through the levels thats it. Over.

I think co-op may be a good way to go.

And randomly generated maps are always a good idea.

As a finished artlicle I hope U2 is something like 40-60% (single/multiplayer).

From experience, I played UT non-stop for almost a year. The longest Ive played a single player game for comes in at around a month or so.

You only have to look at Black&white...they mucked up the multiplayer option on that and the game has sort of flopped cos the single player was too short. If B&W has a stronger multiplayer option I doubt you would have heard half the complaits that have been flying around.

Anyways, up mulitplayer and co-op. Less of the single player.

May be I should try attaching a poll...


27th Apr 2001, 05:38 PM
Single player baby! :D

27th Apr 2001, 08:46 PM
You *have* read the previews haven't you? There will be plenty of multiplayer options.

28th Apr 2001, 05:35 AM
Do *you* believe everything you read?

I guess unlike you Ive been let down before by games that have claimed a million and one things yet delivered very little in the end release.

All I see are a few snazzy looking screenshots and some words about what they hope it to be.

Ive always thought of it as a return to single player-ness with other future releases of Unreal to satisfy the multiplayer mob (unreal warfare anyone).

It would be odd if they both feature large multiplayer options as you say.


28th Apr 2001, 11:42 AM
eh? sp is limited? you play it and it's over? like a job..:)
it seems you to me ya don't enjoy sp that much ....

SINGLE PLAYER AFCOURSE! .. i'm kinda fed up with all those mp games you know.. ok i like ut very good mp game but.. honestly.. a singleplayer orientated game is a way more bigger challenge than a mp game.. imho.

Instead of making a standard 30-40 levels, maybe they should create around 80 or more levels, so it'll keep the player busy? THrow in lots off options, maybe you can play as a skaarj, and experience the skaarj empire from the inside, be a skaarj commander? And on the other hand, play a human marine?
sp doesn't have to be limited!!! it isn't.. in many cases.

Mp is kinda limited sorry.. when it comes down to it, it's the same thing over .. and over.. and over .. and over again.. sure it's fun but.. repetitive.. :)

But i like the idea of U2 being a sp orientated game, like doom3.
I bet sp offers more variety for level designers too.. you know.

Ok there will be mp games in the future, but not unreal 2. BUT on the other hand, it should have decent (read NOt q3 like) mp support, for all the die hard online players. so everyone can be satisfied.
That's probably the hardest part when creating a new game..

30th Apr 2001, 02:32 AM
As fun and addictive as UT is, the original Unreal game had greater freedom in presenting the awesome graphics and massive exploration levels, because the framerate is not as critical in a single player game. This is what I miss most in UT, and that is what I want from U2.

Anyway, its a sure bet they'll include most of the standard UT multi-player game types as well.

30th Apr 2001, 10:51 AM
You can bet your favorite chair... that almost right after the team is done designing unreal 2 work on a UT2 based game is gonna start cause well, in sp the have way more control but a mp game is so much more work. U2 should be about 75% sp/25% mp cause well thats how unreal was. i like to say don't much up a good thing. UT is mp U is sp. Plain and simple. For all you mp player fans out there you can just wait a short till they come out wit UT2 cause I'm willing to be thats the road they are gonna take.

30th Apr 2001, 11:05 AM
Airddragon...check out the Unreal Warfare threads (probably aka UT2). :D

I still think any game which doesn't provide a strong multiplayer/co-op aspect wont reach its full potential.

Plus the time differnce between U2 and Unreal warfare could be 8-12 months. Which aint a short time in the games industry.


30th Apr 2001, 01:56 PM
wow ok a mp is so much more work than a sp game.. are you insane? :)

sp games need a decent PLOT right? FOr example, take half life (yes i know it's very doom allike), but it's very well executed. There's this creepy atmosphere in the game etc... and half life ain't exaclty a mp game imho, the best part about hl was it's sp.

I agree that u2 should have decent support for mp, but it shouldn't be considered as priority one! U2 should have a strong interesting story line.
Something that keeps the player focused.
Let's be honest, dm games don't have a real plot or story right? :) ok i like the ut story, it's cool, the Q3 story is weak ... you fight in the arena eternal, for what? Become a champion for what?

At least when you win the tournament you win lots off money! :) heh..

I couldn't imagine U2 being a mp game only.. i wouldn't buy it, no matter how cool the graphics are... :)

30th Apr 2001, 11:47 PM
SIngle player games brings us new experiences. Just like in Unreal 1 Multiplayer games do it rarely... GAmes like Half-Life were awesome, because of their single-player focus. Deus Ex was only singleplayer until the ION Storm guys decided to release a patch for it... Both of these games brought us an intense storyline to follow along, along with a world that completely interacted with you (this is more noticable in Deus Ex).
That makes people want to play the game more and more! It keeps them interested.

I really dont find interest in blowing up to smithereens some online lamers... it bores me.


1st May 2001, 03:03 AM
Yeah sure story and writting things like that yes they are hard to get going but to tell you the truth a sp game has WAY more control over options and what happens in the game. A mp game you have to check code after code after code... as a programmer I'd go nuts I'd much rather be working on a story than that cause story rocks! i meant it as sp games seem to come to faster than mp games maybe I'm right about the code thing? Well enuff I would love for U2 to have a awesome sp mode cause I havn't really enjoyed a sp game since DS9 the fallen. Now that was a awwsome sp game.

1st May 2001, 07:17 AM
I think, that it'll be like Unreal Tournament, cause I love UT at all!!! The graphics should be very cool of U2, I heared. That ROXX DA HOUSE!



1st May 2001, 12:48 PM
Interesting you should mention half life and deus ex.

Does anyone still play the single player Half life? Or do they play CS? :) Not a totally fair comparision cos the game wan't shipped with CS, but you get the idea.

And Deus Ex...originally a totally sinlge player game that was made multipler by huge request.

Dont get me wrong. I do like sp. But its just much harder to do very well. Its all to easy to make a game where the player feels 'ive played this part of the level before so i can sit back and just click the fire button at the right time to get through until I get to a part Ive not played yet' sort of thing. Know what I mean? It can become passive very quickly. Where as co-op/mp can suprise easily.

I may talk about a sp game for a few weeks, but I will talk about great CTF and DM games all night ever night.
May be its because I play mp with people I know...mp on some crap public server with a bunch of lamers doesn't really count in my book. :)


1st May 2001, 01:27 PM
mp: yeah i fragged this guy ........... ... and he fragged me.. and then i fell into an abyss.. and i fragged that guy again.. i stole the flag.. but i got owned.. and i stole the flag again.. but i fell in an abyss.. and i got fragged.. and the flag got owned.. not by me but by...

sure mp has it's array of great stories i guess.. but it's the same song over and over again.. :)

Maybe, ever played that AVP game?
Where you play as the marine? I have to say, YOU WON'T GET BORED..trust me :)
the aliens move around the level (well most of the times) and man... they're quick.

Maybe unreal 2 should be like this too?
Monsters DON'T stay at the same position when the map started.. they walk around the entire level, and hide if they hear you for example, or move to another deck of the ship to alert the combat troops or sound an alarm? creativity.. doesn't have to be like the older sp games right?
i'm sure you'll be quite busy.. :)

Ehm, what's the word on that game "DARK SECTOR" or has the name changed? Haven't checked since september last year come to think of it... i'd like a mp game like that however.. being a bounty hunter and chasing your prey to the end of the solar system..

2nd May 2001, 01:44 PM
Yeah but the AI tends to be set...so they may move around the level and be real smart (hiding and ambushing etc)...but if you follow the same path they will follow the same path and do the same thing too...they cant suprise you then!

Yeah Ive played AVP...happens there too.

And as for the same old mp stories? You aint playing right then ;)

At the very least Id like to see multiple (and I mean lots!) routes through each level.

Try to get as far removed from the linear sp progression as possible.

Multiple ways to play...either as classes or playing styles (sneaking, attacking, thinking etc.) and alignment (good, evil etc).

Randomly generated AI for monsters, monster locations and weapon/health etc. locations.

Bit of a drteam but randomly generated maps...not the main areas but the paths leading to them...so corridor 'a' wont always lead to the key or whatever. And if your outside heading east wont lead to the guard tower etc. etc.

The means to play the game co-op. Either with a human or computer controlled buddy.

Computer learns you playing style and counters with best attacks.

If your going sp in a big way some small token to character development would be nice. A touch of RPG stats and abilities in a simplified form.

Lots and lots of equipment and weapons to choose from. But no 'Tardis' backpack to keep it all in.

Keep the action high too :) I dont want to walk around any maze or find the key by searching the whole level nonsense!

Well theres a lot of wishful thinking... :D


2nd May 2001, 03:03 PM
Me thinks me has mentioned this in a previous thread :) about random events happening in a map, but i'm glad you've added your ideas kef :)

wishful thinking yeah.. i hope legend will come up with these ideas to and realise them in the game.. ah well..

btw doom wasn't always about finding the key :)
well, ok 90 % of the levels featured key searching, but many had a healthy dose of monster action (hereby reffering to the almighty "hell revealed" for doom2.)

But yeah, i remember this ****ty doom level, i had spent a whole entire hour searching for the last key.. :( ok, it was a big confusing level and i grew tired of it. Unreal2 won't feature anything like this :)

11th May 2001, 08:06 AM
Most of everything has already been stated, all I can do is add my $0.02
Originally posted by Kef
referring to the previews of Unreal 2
Do *you* believe everything you read?

I guess unlike you Ive been let down before by games that have claimed a million and one things yet delivered very little in the end release.
You've never been in a community that the game developers are actually quite close to, have you? What the teams say is going to be true. Don't worry about a lack of multiplayer, the MP aspect of U2 is going to offer more than Unreal Tournament has to offer us right now.

MP in U2 is everything UT is, plus a whole lot more technology. There will still be bot-matches (as there was in Unreal) and a kick-ass system of getting online and fraggin your opponents. I'm most looking forward to the SP aspect of U2 because I know Legend Entertainment can deliver. The products they create (in the virtual world) are just incredible (Wheel of Time). I know LegendEnt can pull it off, and with "big brother" epic watching over their shoulder, we have nothing to worry about.

We can all look forward to Unreal Warfare, a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter Game, in late 2002. It's kinda like a single-player story line, except it's played out online, in a multiplayer game. And it is in production stages right now, just Epic isn't telling us about it. It's the big "Hush-hush" project, reminds me of Roswell, New Mexico a few decades ago. Oh well, only time will tell what Epic is really working on.

16th May 2001, 01:51 PM
if they make a great sp game with great mp options they will have a HUGE hit... ;) nuff said

10th Jun 2001, 03:44 AM
You are entitled to your opinion Kef so long as you accept other POV's. Not everyone likes to be constantly running at frantic pace looking to frag the next guy.
Some of the best parts of unreal for me were the moody quiet locales with lots of exploration and combat occuring sporadically. Non-frantic pace also means a greater amount of resources can be directed to level detail and not network code or frame-rate so more eye-candy.
I also like the story ideas that are being discussed for U2 and I think that this game will really rock in SP mode. Longevity is a moot point. I still play a lot of the older games (Blood, Q2, Unreal) in SP mode because what's fun is fun.
Besides there are always those brilliant amateur modders and mappers who will be greasing their elbows to churn out MP content as soon as U2 is released. Let Legend look out for the SP game.

10th Jun 2001, 03:49 AM
I do agree with a lot of your suggestions for the SP game though.;)
Multiple paths for a single objective are always good. But even Unreal had that to a certain extent though not in the same league as Blood. Now that was one cool game:D .