View Full Version : mac installtion and running INF FAQ

20th Apr 2001, 11:56 AM
OK hi i have problems with INF too but i fixed them...so if you have problems read here for the Mac FAQ

1.After installing the INF umod download the MAc launcher in the Downloads link above.

2.Unzip with Stuffit then if you have one of those Graphic Cards then open it up and drag those .ini out and put them in your UT/system folder NOT INF/SYSTEM
that shall fix the WINdvr problem. BUt first open up the other Launcher first and drop it in your UT folder.

3.if you get memory problems then go to your ut folder and click on UT but dont open it goto the tool bar File/Get Info/Memory
Take Minium memoroy and dont make it to high or it work open