View Full Version : Web TV Messes up UT, what's the Reg key?

14th Apr 2001, 12:26 AM
Hi all! I had peoblems when playing UT for the lonest time; ever since I got my tv/ video capture card. Well, I final found a post somewhere, after hours of hard core searching, saying that when Web installs itself it messes with some tcp/ip registry keys. I modified said key, and life was great! Unfortunatly, I didn't think far enough ahead and actually SAVE the info somewhere. So, after a complete re-install of everything, I'm back at the same problem. I've uninstalled Web TV since the problem crept up again, but it wasn't nice enough to fix my key again. Does anyone know anything about this? I've hit google, forems, and all the unreal sites to try and track down what key I need, but I can't find it. Can Anyone else with TV cards (or that knows the registry back and front) help me out ? thanks!