View Full Version : Robar reloading

12th Apr 2001, 12:23 AM
I am a longtime lurker who has read the forums for a long time with nothing much to add. I have a small suggestion, if it is an old one I apologize.
In future versions I think it would great if the robar could be reloaded(specifically the bolt action) manually like the shotgun. So after the shot is taken the user would choose when to reload the next shot. In order to remain zoomed in momentarily to assess the situation. I think it would make it easier to tell if a good shot was made, or if the shot missed. The way it is right now, the robar reloads so fast that you can't always tell when a shot hit the target or vice-versa. I think that this is important on levels like Extreme Prejudice, when you are shooting at other snipers. When I miss it's helpful to know that it is time to take cover.

12th Apr 2001, 01:13 AM
Well you can hold the fire button down and you won't reload untill you let go of it so you can see where your bullet went. But i'd like to see it as well manually cycling the boldt because it could save your butt if suprised at close range.