View Full Version : lagging servers

5th Apr 2001, 01:54 PM
I have played Inf for some time online and i wish to say its a Great Fun! realy.
the only problem that i have is the servers.
i have Isdn 56k and still my lower ping was 500 and always claims up.
this means no CQ for me and only sniping(you try to face asomeone with 100 ping when you are on 1000!)
i also played on unreal servers and they moved much more faster, but Inf is much better then UT so its not helping me.
will the servers fix or something to high ping guy like me to play?

Mr. HotDog
5th Apr 2001, 02:17 PM
I have Cable and I can sometimes find a good server (with about 110 ping). Anyway, when I used to play Strike Force (which was way back when Beta 1 was released) and I remember that they released a patch (this was a very long time ago) that would decrease lag for 56K users. I dont know if it worked becasue I havent played SF since Beta 1.5. I hope the INF team releases some sort of patch like that.

5th Apr 2001, 03:00 PM
... I covered this in your last post. Read up. Traceroute the servers to find the one best for you. Routing is the most important conisderation.