View Full Version : Unreal 2: SMP Support!!! Should it or should it not have it?

5th Apr 2001, 12:07 AM

I have emailed Epic to see if Unreal 2 would have SMP support for the game and here was their reply:

Sorry, no SMP support is coming for Unreal 2. It's not a priority. The two
top processors on the market (Athlon and P4) don't even support it at this

For running servers, you can easily exploit multiple CPU's by running two
copies of the server executable simultaneously, serving different levels.

This is sad to hear. It was not a priority cause not many people were asking for it. Because of this, Unreal II currently has no plans for SMP Support. However, I am a bit shocked they are even considering a P$ (I mean P4) as a possible server for UT. Also, AMD does have a SMP based system which will be available shortly.

But, if there are still more people who are interested in asking Epic for it, and if they see more demand for it, they may finally reverse this decision and add it in. For all those who use Dual CPU Systems, and have played Q3 in SMP mode, you know what I am talking about needing the extra CPU power to handle your games. SMP for gaming enables both clients and servers to handle more info and run faster than just running a single CPU version.

If you want to send your concerns about U2 support, you can email the VP of Epicgames from their website (Not adding address for legal reasons, but you can find it here http://www.epicgames.com/UnrealEngineNews.html )