View Full Version : Any good DM servers?

FrAnK CaStLe
4th Apr 2001, 03:26 PM
Does anyone know of any good 1v1 dm servers or any

good DM servers in general (no, not all Deck or lowgrav

IG :) )? Ive been wanting to play more DM but cant find

a place where everyone stays for more than a couple

games. I think T2 is draining away all the serious

players. Something, because its been pretty dead out

there as of late. I think I heard of an IRC channel too

where one can schedule 1v1 matches.

4th Apr 2001, 04:23 PM
Well I can't help you on the 1v1 servers but visit #pufladder and you'll likely find a victim or two willing to play a match on a 1v1 server.

As far as good DM servers go... anything you ping good on should do... :)