View Full Version : Announcing a new CLAN - PiPELiNE

4th Apr 2001, 11:42 AM
Folks, there is a new clan in town - Clan PiPELiNE [PiP] ... some of you may have noticed my clan sig before, but we were mostly active in CS ...
but now we're also in Infiltration, so watch out!

We are playing together at our local networking club, so don't shout "Cheaters!" if you keep getting killed by a [PiP] :)

We would like to do some friendship matches, and later we'll join the fray in the European division of the Infiltration League :)

If you're interested in getting your ass kicked, contact me at ICQ #56188009, or drop a mail at celtan@pipeline-games.com

Oh, wait - I forgot some things:
1. you can visit us at:
http://www.pip-clan.de or
2. good news for German players: we will put up a server shortly ... but I keep you informed :)

4th Apr 2001, 11:44 AM
Hello, and good luck to your clan. I'll be in touch.