View Full Version : 'bout U2

3rd Apr 2001, 08:24 PM
i think that U2 should have the following

recoil [but not hardly much]

two aim positions [like sf or inf]

and a sniper rifle that is powerfulA GOOD ONE LIKE THE ROBARrc50

2nd May 2001, 01:23 PM
I dont like over powerful weapons like the robar.

Do I really want some camper zooming in on me from the other side of the planet and tagging my leg which leaves me dead as its a one hit instant kill weapon? Not really.

I like the sniper rifle in UT. Good for the ol' head shot, but it aint going to do much if you pump a few bullets into my arm or whatever. Only down side is it feels a bit light and flimsy.

Recoil is always nice to have.

2 aim positions is also good.

But you have to be careful that in the attempt to get realism you dont spoil the fun factor. Realism mods will be developed the second its out...so U2 doesn't have to try and be like them.

Some sort of throwing grenade/pipe bomb etc would be good too.