View Full Version : People needed for counter terrorist mod for UT

14th Apr 2000, 09:56 AM
This is a new mod for Counter-Terrorism mod based for Unreal Tournament. This mod is going to be very different from all these Rainbow Six/Counter-Strike wanabe mods. The mod will be predominately a multiplayer game with the emphasis heavily placed on misions of numerous objectives that the terrorists or counter terrorists have to achieve to win the game. The mod will contain all new military weapons, new ounds, textures and hopefully player models aswell.
*New weapons: Heckler & Koch UMP45SD, Mp5SD5, Socom, Franchi SPAS-15 Etc...

*New equiptment: Kevlar vests, Night Vision Goggles, Flashbangs, Phosporous grenades Etc...

*New player models

*New game types: Assault, Hostage Rescue, Escort, Assassination, Theft and Bomb Disarmament

*New textures: Currently the Unreal Engine, as superb and revolutionary a it is, makes the game look too 'clean' and smooth, as a team we will investigate ways of making the textures look more 'dirty' and unaccelerated much like the Half-Life engine does

*Hit location damage

*New sounds

All this and more...

If your interested in thi mod then don't hesitate to contact me, only serios applicants will be considered and a sample of your works is essential.

Positions open for application:
*Skinner/Texture Artist
*2D Texture Artist