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12th Apr 2000, 08:59 AM
whoa guyz, isn't it a nice dezign, isn't it looking very very coOL ? yes, but they forgot something usefull. this site is not DOWNLOAD-FRIENDLY. Why ? Here's my Story:

i just bought the game, i just started to play, and i just wanted some maps.
Okay, i found a massive load of maps, and a lot more. But at the point i was starting to download these maps, i encountered f* problems.

there are a lot of links for map-reviews etc.
there are a lot of different-sites providing different maps, or a different amount of maps.
thats not the bad thing.
the bad thing is, all those holding more then, say, 20 files for each category, have no doubt of how stressing it is, to click every link, and then klick anotherone for really downloading the file.
this means for a slow connection a hard job because you have to wait for every action
(klick waitforpageload klick waitfordownloadbegin close, start again for next file) .
oh lord, its good i have a T1.
so these pages are popping up faster /~unreal/ubb/html/wink.gif=.

BUT, do you really want to tell me, i have to do this f* procedure for every MAP i want to download ? these means for 60 files, 120 klicks and at least the time to wait for each page to be downloaded and so on.
i think u can get the point out of this.

not really sorry to say that, BUT THIS IS ****...

There is no REAL BIGPACK (or i'm too confused and stupid to finde some REAL), containing all those Maps in a Category, like Domination or Capture the Flah

I still found some Bigpacks, but they are only covering those maps vom a specific author, isn't it ? BUT I WANT THEM ALL.

I could use a downloadmanager like getright to process a whole website, letting the tool downloading every file linked in this page, BUT u have this tiny ASP-Download-Tool wich is makes it impossible for me to use getright.
and this is the really problem.
as far as i understand, this ASP-Code is producing this wonderfull Mirror-Site-Display, thats so wonderfully stressing me.

i'm surely not in the position to enforce something, but i would give it a try.

a "Mirror-Manager" is not that bad, but you guyz could let this handled a better way.

why not giving me the possibility of just choosing a mirror, using a form, at the same page, the download-links are placed, so i have to do only 1 click, i.e. at the top for choosing my mirror ( using a radiob. or checkbox maybe?),
and afterthen only 1 for each file i want to download ?

i think you can think of many more USEFUL additions / changes ...

as a webdesigner and programmer i learned, that it is very important, that a user can find and get everything fast and in a easy way. i did find what i searched for very fast. i can access those downloads very fast.

but i can't download those files easily, its a stressing job.

maybe i'm wrong, and didn't find the "easy" way, because i'm a dumb and stupid user, but maybe u have to think over.

cee jay http://g-book.trashfactory.de

13th Apr 2000, 03:17 AM
Thanks, I'll try FTP next time.
This will work fine with Nalicity, but I wasn't exactly referring to NC. I meant all those links that lead you to the Fileplanet. It won't be possible to use FTP as well as that with Fileplanet (if it is possible at all).
I think I can live with it, but sometimes (when I've got a big bunch of files to download) it just gets on my nerves (I think I've already mentioned that.
I'm already using a Filemanager (Go!zilla)


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13th Apr 2000, 10:10 AM
Fileplanet sometimes gets on my nerves, too, but I think it's much better to handle for the admins...


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13th Apr 2000, 10:21 AM
try using a download program (DOWNLOAD ACCELERATOR, GET RIGHT; i recomant dowload accelerator it doesn't slow your connection down.)so that you can create a download waiting line. this way you can create a massive list of maps. just wait for the fileplanet site to load and and then click the previous button and download the next file.

you can also you getbot. this program allows you to see the entire site root. and by just double clicking it starts downloading.

i haven't try it for file planet yet but iy should work.


13th Apr 2000, 01:31 PM
That's what I do already. It is still more complicated than just clicking on a link where you get the file delivered to your house /~unreal/ubb/html/wink.gif.
Thanks anyway.


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13th Apr 2000, 02:10 PM
Try using FTP. Just rightclick on the link to the FTP server and check it's properties.

Log in as an anonymous user and browser to /pub/games/PC/idgames2/planetquake/planetunreal/nalicity. You'll find all UT maps there.

You can use your webbrowser as well.

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13th Apr 2000, 04:14 PM
Yeah, but Fileplanet links to a number of mirror sites as well. Just find out which server is fastest for you. Use the path mentioned above minus the /nalicity. This is where all PlanetUnreal files can be found.

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13th Apr 2000, 04:54 PM
This solution is so obvious I never even thought of it. I will give it a chance.

Thanks for the ideas (though I didn't start this thread)


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13th Apr 2000, 05:25 PM
You're welcome.

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14th Apr 2000, 04:24 AM
thanx amoz, thiz is a solution, and worked very well. i never thought 'bout this anyway /~unreal/ubb/html/wink.gif

but it is still a way, that is not covered by the concept of this page, and so, i still want to enforce the minds behind this, to think 'bout this. maybe u have to do only a little bit of work, to change to an easier way and still using your downloadmanager ...

see ya
cee jay