View Full Version : BiNTY Rampage Server 2.85.3 (Close Quarters Maps)

2nd Apr 2001, 11:11 AM
Upped max players to 8 (for some of the larger maps in the rotation like Azteca, Millside and Manorfarm).

Maps that are <b>NOT</b> part of the map packs can be found at the <a href="http://www.planetunreal.com/realmaps/reviewindex.html" target="_blank">Realmaps Reviews</a> page. Here's a list so far of the ones that I've got in there:


Downloads are ON but some of these maps are gigantic (Azteca is 5.some megs) and some of the texture files are quite a few megs. I'd suggest heading to the link above and downloading them from there as it'll most likely be much quicker.

2nd Apr 2001, 02:06 PM
I did not get the correllation til I saw the title of this thread.

I have you in my list of Favorites.

Nice setup, good players. I just setup my server this weekend Texasgibmasters.com. We used to run UT servers but got bored with it. All the cheating started so we just bailed.

Kind of funny I now live in boston but the server is in Dallas. I get a better ping on your box :)

Just wanted to say Nice Job.

3rd Apr 2001, 01:03 AM
wow cool thanks..this actually means alot to me, I know that people are playing LOL! Actually I believe myself and prodigy played with you and some others this past weekend. Actually if you got in at all last night I had some friends over playing on the Lan and I was sort of teaching them how to play, we loaded up ManorFarm and it was three of us with 5 bots on our team vs. a team of bots on the other..they were sort of getting the hang of the game and loadouts and key configs and whatnot. A few people popped in every now and then but quickly left after they saw the frag-fest my buddies were having. But all is back to normal..I'm surprised you get a decent ping, Its running on a dual Celeron 466 Win2K PRo box with a uncapped down/128 up cable conenction. (Meaning the data going OUT to the players is only 128k) which is pretty slow considering what some other servers are running.

But thats all I can afford right now LOL. Anyway thanks for the input and hope to see ya again in there!