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31st Mar 2001, 07:24 AM
I'm trying to make my script have a !wut function but I don't fully understand the .log file or can't be bothered to spend a few hours testing :)

any1 know any links that would explain it or something ?

Log: Browse:]sNc[Meth?Class=BotPack.TMale2?Team=0?skin=SoldierSkins.hkil?Face=SoldierSkins.Matrix?Voice=BotPack.Voice MaleTwo?OverrideClass=?Checksum=NoChecksum

above, no idea what it means

Log: LoadMap:]sNc[Meth?Class=BotPack.TMale2?Team=0?skin=SoldierSkins.hkil?Face=SoldierSkins.Matrix?Voice=BotPack.Voice MaleTwo?OverrideClass=?Checksum=NoChecksum

Above means connect to current ip and map I think

Log: URL: Adding default option Name=Ace>ION<

This means change nick I think

Log: Failed; returning to Entry

This means disconnect I think