View Full Version : Direct X7 better with UT than Direct X8?

29th Mar 2001, 10:53 AM
Just wondering that since UT was designed with DX7 in mind would it run better if u had DX7 INSTEAD of DX8, especially on geForces as they update there drivers to include new technology all the time.
Has anyone gotten better results sticking with DX7 instead of upgrading?

29th Mar 2001, 12:11 PM
Well, since UnrealTournament is essentially the Unreal engine with enhancements, it was originally developed for Glide and software modes alone.

Direct3D was added later (and even then was originally for DX6) as a bolt-on to the original software.

So, the end result is that your performance with D3D is partially based on which version of the API renderer patch you happen to be using.

Also, you'll find that the end results with DX7 vs DX8 varies in certain hardware cases. The majority of people will find an improvement with DX8, but some will actually come across a decrease in performance.

Your best bet to list your hardware and operating system specifics and hope that people with a similiar setup let you in on their experiences.

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29th Mar 2001, 03:04 PM
The backward-compatibility compatibility libraries that come with DX8 are supposed to improve on the original DX7 in terms of performance. I got a welcome little speed boost when I upgraded to DX8.

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