View Full Version : Stupid, Perverted and Lame but Really Fun Ways to Corrupt Gameplay

27th Mar 2001, 06:05 PM
Please, list your methods. Here is my favorite:

You need:

1. Jail Break
2. Unreal Forever
3. A Vampire Relic, Rune, Tech or whatever.
4. W.O.R.M.

First, you acquire a Vampire Relic and an Unreal Forever purple proximity grenade, u4et.g4ewpurple. Then you stick the grenade to the outside wall of a jail full of opponents. The grenade produces a black hole which kills the prisoners inside the jail by smooshing them against the inside wall. They immediately respawn inside the jail to be killed over and over again and you are given a continuous supply of health.

28th Mar 2001, 11:28 AM

If someone was stupid enough to run a server with all of those mods running, that could border on llama-ism :)