View Full Version : So, what will be under the 'Advanced Options'-tab?

19th Mar 2001, 09:43 AM
Let's bee creative here.
How about some 'quadlinear-volumetric-echoing' or a 'very-shiny-Kleenex-like-surfaces' or what about 'Coronas-so-bright-you'll-need sunglasses'? Lo..

But serious.. I surely hope it will be possible to adjust the detail level of the actors and maps. I bet it would be a relieve to many people (who won't be buying the geforce3) when U2 can have UT-like polycounts as well.

24th Mar 2001, 05:53 PM
Yeah, that is a good idea, that would make the game a lot faster for people with slow pc

but it would be quite diffictult to make, as you would need to make all levels multiple times, or you would have to create some special algorithm that can reduce the polygons itself, without affecting the gameplay.

Barrel Fish
29th Mar 2001, 12:53 PM
i have heard much talk about new games not supporting software rendering, and that the low-res setting will not even be an option. having 1 company reigning over the video card market is a double-edged sword...game manufacturers will know what to program for, which will give us higher performance across the board; but nvidia wants to sell those high-end cards. between the two, i believe we will finally see a raised baseline of what is required to run these new games. and really, it is about time that those of us with higher-end systems get to reap the full rewards of that price tag.