View Full Version : Scripted scenes

12th Mar 2001, 12:52 AM
One of my gripes with the original Unreal was the fact that it started off REALLY good and then kinda petered out. This was one of the first games (that I can remember) that made good use of scripted scenes, but did not use enough of them! Then comes along Half-Life.... I felt that I was a participant and a witness to all sorts of horror in that game (melodrama drum hit please)! I'm hoping that Legend pulls out all of the stops and make this a very immersive and interactive game. Worse case I guess I'll have to wait for DNF ;-), but they'll probably be out around the same time (tee-hee, it just better not be Daikatana!). I can actually do without massive amount of graphical bells and whistles provided the game is fun. I love eye candy, but that comes second to playability! I want to be able to play this thing over and over!