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9th Mar 2001, 09:21 PM
Well the screen shots look AWESOME considering how poorly photographed they are if you can follow me on that one. We can thank all the mod makers out there for their dedication to expanding the quality and longevity of such an incredible game, even after three years. Why? It seems that Epic Games and Legend have been listening and watching. Some weapons that are found in various mods may find their way into Unreal 2! Even some of the mission type mods like Assualt! And this would actually be part of the game. So just imagine the mods after Unreal 2 is released! Wow, I can't even think. The mods, the weapons, the sounds, new skins even, it's just plain nuts to already consider it, but you know people will be ready to program away when it is released. I say BRING IT ON!! The game itself I'm sure will be nothing short of spectacular. The terrain level they show in the PC GAMER is jaw-dropping awesome. Your character, [*WARNING! SPOILER AHEAD!*] from one picture of an in-game shot, it looks like Samus from METROID! Well, maybe not really, but at first glance...I just hope that Epic/Legend can release a real in-game teaser video soon. That would be nice. ********ORION IS THE GATEWAY********

10th Mar 2001, 07:02 AM
We're on it. :) http://forums.planetunreal.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=36659

11th Mar 2001, 01:27 AM
damn pc gamer. . .takes forever to arrive in my mailbox. . .probably won't get it for another 3 days. . .damn pc gamer