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7th Mar 2001, 01:19 AM
This is my first time posting at this great forum. I am very excited about this forum, as it is a great way to pass along info in this much anticipated game, which will kick some ass next year!

On to my question, do you remember the shots of the indoor building that were posted at VE a few months past I believe? If someone still has them, could they post them up to a website? If that is not possible, maybe we could do it through e-mail.

Also Legend, keep up the good work with Unreal 2 press! I hope you can still hype the game up to e3! I would love to see some more in-game and/or character design shots sometime soon! :)

Last, long live Halo as well! This Monday as you may or may not know, Microsoft will be holding their Gamestock show. Bungie more than likely will be showing of their new and MUCH improved Halo engine for the Xbox (as well as the game itself!)! Matt Soell from Bungie said this engine makes the older Halo engines look boring, and no I am not joking! So be prepared!!!

Cya later guys.

7th Mar 2001, 04:37 PM
This is the only picture left that I could find.
that is from Mathias Worch's (http://www.langsuyar.com/) webpage.
It is not a part of any level in Unreal 2, this is just
a creation in UnrealEd 633 to show off the abilities
of the new (or it was new a few months ago, many
things have changed) editor.