View Full Version : rhizoma dev: seeking skilled MODELERS/SCRIPTERS for UT MOD

6th Mar 2001, 01:14 PM
rhizoma development is initially interested in expierenced scripters who can handle complex tasks such as writing an interactive-interface and network replication for a somewhat different login than everyone is used to ;\

Ofcourse, for the content creation, we`re looking for skilled modelers who can succesfully import a model into UT.

Anyway, once we have formed a reliable team, I`ll go seeking for texture artists and other ppl for content creation...

(Please reply to this postage or drop me a mail, if you of anyone willing to help rhizoma on this mod.)

-- Vaxajo (vaxajo@gmx.net)
ICQ :: 109145621
IRC :: irc.worldonline.nl #rhizoma