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2nd Mar 2001, 08:06 PM
list of options and features you would like to see for u2 coop

1. items (shieldbelts armors ammo etc.) that can either be set to respawn like in dm or set so that every player can pick it up once (really sucks when someone hogs all the stuff)

2. dynamic difficulty (guess thats a good name for it :) ) the more people playing the more monsters there are could easly adjust this every level change

3. one way movers movers that alow you to pass thought in 1 direction instead of haveing a door close and lock everyone out of the fight (why something like this wasnt made befor i have no idea)

owell thats all i can think of

im not sure if its set in stone weather or not u2 will suport coop play or not but i sure hope it does its a great break from the s#!t talking dips#!ts of dm and other head to head game modes

if u2 doesnt support coop then i for 1 wont buy it unless its like 20 bucks or something its just not worth it to me id rather play unreal 1 with friends then play the greatest single player game alone

serious sam will show you that there is a big coop market :) even tho the games seriously lacking :)

4th Mar 2001, 06:00 AM
How about item sharing?
If you snag something, The other guy gets 50% of what you get, but you get 100%....

I think it would be workable.

Pillsbury Flow Boy
4th Mar 2001, 06:42 AM
well how about A. you can only pick up the item once... it stays... and once the last player grabs it... it's gone... but it respawns after, say 2 minutes? ammo... it should set to respawn... so like 30 seconds after you snag it... it set back to normal... A good way to do this would be to make it so when you pick it up, it dissapears... but it's there for everybody who hasn't picked it up... and spawns normally after that?

B. Dynamic difficulty would be cool, but the thing is... say you hop onto a server... and it's full... suddenly everybody leaves... leaving ALL the monsters that where there before? naa... how about just changing the difficulty\damage inflicted\recieved? like 8 people on the server... set it to masterfull... just one person... and it's average... 16 people... set it to godlike... that kinda thing... and the more people... the more damage they do, more damage they take before dying... so it doesn't just drop a whole server into oblivion because it was full, then everybody leaves... and a few people join... die... can't get anywhere... then leave?

Just my 2 cents...

4th Mar 2001, 06:56 AM
These are great points! I always loved playing Unreal Co-op, but you guys have mentioned the few irritating snags that always popped up. I hopt that Legend does include Co-op, and I hope they listen to your ideas!

4th Mar 2001, 06:57 AM
Love the quote,