View Full Version : DXO is looking for talented members!

28th Feb 2001, 04:37 PM
DeusEX Online is more than a simple mod. In a way, it will be a total new game!
DXO will include a MP-mode with real RPG-feeling and an entire online world. If you want to help us enable the folks out there to walk in the footsteps of JC Denton in a real, player- and DeuxEx-based world, this is your chance!

We are looking for modellers and animators since the graphics team is the only part of our crew with a lack of members. We are about 40 now, so, if you're a mapper or a story-writer, you should be really skilled.
Anyone interested in our project (http://www.deusexonline.com) send an email to fkauder@gmx.de or contact me in ICQ ( 73858517 )

If you don't want to join the team, we're still lucky about anyone telling us about his/her ideas and taking part in the process of developing the greatest DX-mod ever. DXO will only be as good as its fans ;)