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27th Feb 2001, 11:31 AM
well, here I a m trying to guess what will Unreal 2 be based on....
well, here are my thoughts:

* first of all I dont think U2 will tell the story of how you got to Unreal 1 in first place. I mean, the stuff that happens before you crash in the prison ship. My reasons: the solely main reason is that, in the game, if you read the tranlator messages, you realize that humans didnt even know Skaarj existed before the crash landing... and what good is Unreal2 without Skaarj??

*second, it might tell the story of another surviving member of a crash landing, possibly from the recked ISV-KRAN... that`ll be cool... and you`ll try to escape the planet also.... that`s the problem, because weve already gone through that in U1, and I think most of us Unreal fans want something new..

* third and most desired possibilty (for me) is that Unreal 2 will be focused on the events of the great Human/Skaarj War, narrated in the enemy logs when you played the Tournament. UT`s story (you can read it somewhere in Unreal universe) also speaks a lot about it... It would be cool to see some true warfare going on ... uhh there is a proble going on here to... probably Epic decided to make a game about the Human/Skaarj war.

* and last but not least I say that Unreal 2 will continue the storyline where Unreal 1 finished off. I dont know what the Legend dudes might do here, but I expect it to be great. I think the Legend guys might pack quite a surprise when they release the game.

Please post your opinions here guys. Let us all pray that Unreal 2 will be a great game. :)


Sam Brown
27th Feb 2001, 05:08 PM
Originally posted by quitgrin1
* and last but not least I say that Unreal 2 will continue the storyline where Unreal 1 finished off. I dont know what the Legend dudes might do here, but I expect it to be great. I think the Legend guys might pack quite a surprise when they release the game.

Oh, you mean like the Unreal Mission Pack, Return to Na-Pali?

1st Mar 2001, 12:28 AM
umm, yep

That it should.

UT seems to happen way past the time RTNP and even U2 might.
So U2 may be a tweener storyline.

How did Xan come to be?

dunno, maybe U2 shows this, and then again, maybe not.

BTW Xan is a robot.

1st Mar 2001, 04:16 PM
Very good Dinwitty ;) XAN is a robot. It is speculated that XAN is actually a suit or augmentation that Liandri had made for him so he could better survive in the Tournament. Xan's full name is Xan Kriegor. Oh yeah, about U2...

Why should it follow the story line from Unreal 1 and RTNP? Like I stated in the "I'd like Unreal 2 to Have" thread that it would be cool to have an Unreal series as strong (and long) as the Final Fantasy ones. With each new episode released, it could follow a different person's story somewhere else in the galaxy. Leaving the names the same (Like they did in FF) for comic relief but having a totally different story each time. So in Unreal 1 you were an escaped prisoner fighting to survive on an alien planet, uncovering the story of how an alien race enslaved another.
Why not in Unreal 2, you could be a space marine (for example) who is sent into battle but got seperated from you battalion and now you have to fight your way back to civilization. You think that you were only seperated for a week, but in reality you were in some temporal time-fold and you were lost for 50 years. Now everything is changed...
And then in Unreal 3 you play the role of a female who was stolen from her family while she was young and forced to fight in some tournament. She was the greatest there was, but somehow she learned of her past and grows angry. She then breaks out of her "prison" (though it is her home) and wants vengeance for what her "father" did to her real family.
See where I'm going here? A different story line for every new episode of the game... I just got really involved in this thread this time. But I doubt that is the way it's going to happen, it would be cool, though.

2nd Mar 2001, 08:45 AM
It has been strongly hinted at that U2 will encompass multiple worlds.

May work, but it may not, it'll sure as hell be interesting finding out.

2nd Mar 2001, 08:46 AM
By the way, why would Legend want to link it in any way with UT? UT may have small tie-ins with Unreal but really it's a completely different universe, and should stay that way.

2nd Mar 2001, 01:42 PM
this is on the off-side but if you guys read jeffk's interview with cliffyb you'd see some hilarious plot ideas from jeff for U2 among many other funny asides.

5th Mar 2001, 07:10 PM
taken from the main page of PU

Q1 2002 Release date

"It's impossible not to stare slack-jawed for a few moments before attempting to process the beauty of what you're witnessing" - Rob Smith

"Unreal II will take the best parts of Unreal and Unreal Tournament," says Legend's studio head Mike Verdu. "We're creating a single-player game with a rich story that surrounds 13 combat missions [25 levels]."

No previous storyline weighing it down. It's an all-new world, and all-new character to play, and an all-new style. While set in the same universe as the first game, Unreal II will introduce five alien races in a story that's designed to be tight-knit.

In a nutshell you're a "Terran Colonial Authority Frontier Marshall" who patrols the ass-end of space in an old scout ship named the Atlantis.

Within the 25 levels you'll be conducting infiltration, search-and-rescue and other missions. "We want to capture the magic of Assault in UT," says Verdu.

Smaller scale battles of four or five monsters at a time, maximum.

AI bots/marines will be used in tactical situations to help out.

12 months left in its development.

Multi-player -- Deathmatch, team DM, Last man standing and CTF, plus a character driven (ala Team Fortress) new mode of play.

Artifacts/runes will be present on the maps

GeForce III optimized with 10 times the number of polygons for particles and characters compared to UT, with typical enemies sporting 3,000-5,000 polys and your crew having 7,000-10,000 polys. The improved terrain and level geometry will push 100 times the polycount of UT. There's also an improved messing system that combined with the new skeletal animation allows for awesome character movement.

Now that's what I'm talking about. Same universe, different character and story line!!! Yeah baby, who was the one that said U2 would be like this? Who's the one that said exactly that in this thread? ;) I'm happy about this and I can't wait.

5th Mar 2001, 10:22 PM
25 levels, Unreal has 40!!!
single player alone!
RTNP is 17 levels.
I like the GF3 optimization, but maybe G4 will about by the time its released.
When GF3 is affordable, I may buy it.