View Full Version : Fps with 436 showing incorrect??

18th Feb 2001, 11:52 PM
I was using the Loki Patch with UT ver. 428, I thought everything was fine, I think I was getting around 55-60 fps on a GeForce2 Pro 64, when using the s3tc the detail textures looked great, but other textures looked like they were 16 bit, ( like the same problems with Quake3). So now I got 436. With 436 my frame rate counter never really goes above 10, sometimes 24 but stays REAL low about 5-7, only thing is that the game Isn't really choppy or anything, I don't think it's registering correctly, I've since turned OFF the s3tc as I'm not liking how the other texures look, Like the sky in Galleon is FuXored like a Q3 sky and other textures as well. In D3D everything looks cool but it's so Slow & Dark and no amount of Gamma correction works. So I guess it's at it's best overall with s3tc OFF. The sky in Galleon and other maps look alright now, no Detailed textures but all textures render well and look alright, I guess it's one or the other, But what about those FPS ??
I can't get my frames up with any amount of tweaking, doesn't make any sense, 64 MB video ram, 128 sys ram large swap file, Athlon733, so many problems with a Geforce2 PRO and UT & Q3 !!!

BTW- I tried the s3tc fix pack for Opengl games at gamebasement.com to try and get rid of the Color Banding, it turned every texture in UT white.