View Full Version : Needed: Clan/Tribe

15th Feb 2001, 07:04 PM
Yes, i know, im probably in the totaly wrong area, but what the hell huh? Everyone reads these things....i hope. But yea, lemme tell you about myself. I used to play Tribes Heavily till about 3 months ago, when i left the tribe s3 due to conflicts with the members. We were #5 on OGL and i was one of the top members. At CLQ i was rated for the month of October at #3 in the world for Tribes. I have had UT for quite some time, just never got intersted in it. I am strongly TEAM oriented, and want to work with well structered pleople. I know i like high standards, but really anything is fine. I can show you what i have, and what i can do, i just have never been to PU.com yet. Ive been studing about the UT game itself, interested in some graphic design as well (i like to make maps) And, i am highly skilled in 3d modeling as well. Well, if anyone is interested, my email is romulus@mc.net or MSN Rommy95@hotmail.com or AIM Rommy64. Or ICQ 32492675. Thank you for your time.

17th Feb 2001, 02:50 AM
u wouldnt happen to be the 'Lord' Rom from the ole {FU} Fraggers United clan wouldja?

17th Feb 2001, 10:31 AM
Actualy.....yea, I am. I had to reformat my HardDrive, so i lost everything, and started back from scratch back in december. And w/ college comming soon, its been hectic trying to get accepted (not really) but getting all the stuff setteled. I just need to get most of the mods and maps and some other things and i will be set. Im looking forward to a good well organized team oriented clan. {FU} Was fun, but i left just before it broke up.