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12th Feb 2001, 04:08 PM
When i play strike force , i tried changing my video driver to direct 3d from software rendering, however when i change it, everything seems fine but when strikefroce starts again the game automatically goes in to regular unreal tournament. Then when i exit UT to play strikeforce and check the video driver ,it is still software rendering. How do i change to direct3d or open Gl or anything else rather than software rendering ??

13th Feb 2001, 04:10 AM
Have you tried to change your UT video drivers/rendering Clicking on START/PROGRAMS/UNREAL/TOURNAMENT/SAFE MODE.Then on the next screen Click on "Change your 3D device"It will most likely default to what the game thinks are the "best" device for your card.Or by clicking on "Show all devices" and selecting the driver/rendering device that you want to use.
If you have then it's:
a.Your drivers and/or 3D device may not working properly.
b.Remove Strike Force and reload it using the following suggestion.(d.)
c.Check out the Strike Force website and see if you can find an answer there.
d..UT might be corrupt in some way.
You can try un installing the drivers and going back to what you were using before updating them.(If did that recently that is)
Or you can try un-installing UT,Deleting the UT folder completely from your hard drive.
(the un-install does not remove everything from your drive)
Run a scandisk,then a defrag and reinstalling the game.
Only thing left is to be sure you have the latest version of DirectX.
Here's a few links you can also try.(I am presuming that you checked "Planet Unreal's" troubleshooting/FAQ already.)

EpicGames Faq (http://unreal.epicgames.com/)

Unreal Tournament Faq (http://www.unrealtournament.com/pc/faq.html)

Ina-Support (http://www.ina-support.com/faq/ut_pc.asp)
Hope this helps in some way.