View Full Version : bad name index / ulinkerload crashes

9th Feb 2001, 12:57 PM
This is still a mystery to me. A tech from epic even said it was an odd problem I'm having. Does anyone else get this crash when trying to connect to an online game?

I reloaded unreal to a new folder, redownloaded dx8a,loaded the "no delta" 436 patch, loaded 4.28 via 4-in-1 drivers,tried 2x and 4x agp with and without fastwrites,tried detonator 6.31,6.72,7.17 and finally sticking with the 6.50final. What else could it be!!!! Itried the ip address thing as well. I have to say I was able to run a single player match last night. I coudn't even load that before. System is as follows:

t-bird750 @850
30gig HD