View Full Version : weapons for unreal forever

9th Feb 2001, 11:32 AM
Sorry for the stupid question (if it is in fact a stupid question, as I suspect :) )

Just downloaded u4ever, great mod. Problem is, I can't get the weapons to switch to the different settings (20th century, Overkill etc). I was testing on dmTemptaion, fwiw. I've read the docs that came with the mod, but they don't give any insight toward the mod settings.

Changed to Overkill, made a change or two, then saved. However, the same weapons were still on the map. I was thinking that those weapons would replace the ones listed at the number position (tomahawk would appear wherever the "2" weapon was, etc).

Any advice? I can't mess with it now at work, but it would be great to have going for our brief after-work daily frag...thanks