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7th Feb 2001, 08:21 PM
but anyways hahah i just wanted to appologise to any of you that i offended.. whether it carries any clout or not ... i just wanted to let you people know what kinda person youre buddy 8-7-4-2 or whatever his lame handle is is...... after the last clash in the riot forum i recieved 22 scans 18 icp flood attempts and 1 attempt of an exe upload... as far as im concerned the issue is dead.. it should be dropped.. i didnt start this crap nor wanted be a part of it but my demenor will not let me back down from a fight especially a good one!!
then his poor attempt at banning me was definately futile!! but lemme get one thing sparkling clear!!
lemme tell ya about the new way!! I will visit this forum! whether you like it or not!! once again i appologise for any insults but the nazi comment was fair play for the gangsta comment!! besides exactly what kinda euro-trash would go as far as trying to maliciously destroy someones hardware? hhhhhhmm
would his name have numbers in it? i think so..
If he knows whats best he'd drop the issue..
i did have a nice one everybody!! -----:-)

8th Feb 2001, 03:37 AM
And just how can you prove that this ICP flooding was 8-4-7-2? Hell, how can you even prove that this incident even HAPPENED? I mean, your reputation isn't exactly one i'd trust. :rolleyes:

and i SERIOUSLY resent the term "euro-trash" buddy, how would you like it if i started to call you a "dumbass yank"? you'd start to flame me wouldn't you? treat others as you expect to be treated, m0.

As for you getting around your ban...... I'll leave that to the moderators, I'm sure they can get in touch with AOL about you.

8th Feb 2001, 04:36 AM
Originally posted by scudsuckah-:-)
then his poor attempt at banning me was definately futile!! but lemme get one thing sparkling clear!!
lemme tell ya about the new way!! I will visit this forum! whether you like it or not

No, that's where you are wrong. This is a private system, and we can allow/disallow anyone we want as a member, whether you like it or not.

You've come in here and have caused problems from the start. I temp. banned you earlier today, now I'm going to perm. ban you from our forums.

If you continue to try and access/post here, I will consider you an intruder and will contact your ISP (AOL).

8th Feb 2001, 04:50 AM
Heyyy....i guess im eurotrash :)

8th Feb 2001, 04:54 AM
I'd guess you're a lot of things Baron, "Fruit" being among them ;)

8th Feb 2001, 05:10 AM
Hehehe.. AOL.. need you say any more?


8th Feb 2001, 08:55 AM
Can someone calrify to me euro trash that he just accused me of hacking into his computer? buhuwwwaaa. That's by far the most dumb thing this guy every said here.

I'm deeply involved into the latest events, but he also collectivley insulted the rest of PuF.


Here he draw false conclusions how he sloved a lockup problem, thinking it's mouse related. After several people - not me in the first place - you can see his reaction:
you all are dumb

2.) http://forums.planetunreal.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=34325

After realizing that he already caused some havoc, he uses this change to brag how 1337 he is and that we are all fools

2-most problems i repeat most problems are caused by idiots who buy outside the 3dfx realm on graphix cards
He just called all GeForce users idiots. Another really dumb move. Probably because he is unable to set up a GF card, which is a bit more complicated than Voodoo

7-you assholes cant touch me

After me and Skumboy tried to explain him that his isp can terminate his account his only reaction was flaming once more and also accuses us of hacking him

hahah youre a dick and a moron
hes a dick and a moron as well and yes i see your port scan

3.) This is the thread that started all his attacks on me

yo yo yo mtv raps but unreal tournay dont
uh dude lemme tel ya sumpin switch it to 16 bit kay?

32 bit is way extreme unless youre in the gig range on your dorito chip processor lol cya

First it's complete crap what he wrote there, and the gangsta, dude, colloquial language made me to call him "gangsta dude". At first I thought I went a little bit over the line with that, but now I don't regret it.
As you can see the rest of my post was absolutley reasonable.
However he fully shows off his m0ness in his next post:
i still havent seen how you bring anything to the table and as far as your knowledge of ut is concerned youre definately feeble as is your gaming skillz!!

Here he also called me a Nazi and a Kraut:
silly kraut crack is for nazis

It's a wide step from gangsta to nazi. While I simply referred to his language (why not bring reasonable arguments?) he slipped to a racist and utterly derrogatory remark over my nationality.

When the next person backed me up on my opinion about the CPU thing, he goes completely mad. See for yourself

Don't blame anyone but yourself. You said you wanted to help. Fine. However you call everyone who doesn't share your opion (may it be be true or not) an idiot. This way you won't make friends. Your posts are also of stilistically simpliness.
- colloquial language only makes your arguments look silly
- why do you need to use 10 exlamation and question marks in one setence?
- you use flames and curse words in such an extend as I rarely saw here. Not only do you flame individuals, but you also flame several groups like PuFers, Europeans and GeForce users

Old Fart
8th Feb 2001, 11:24 AM
My friends,

I would call you my friends, anyway, if that's still possible after you've had to deal with my embarrassing countrymen like you-know-who...? I've noticed in one of his posts that he mentions losing a daughter recently, so I suppose it could be argued that he's under mental distress (that might have been deemed pitiable if he'd kept his #$%@ trap shut otherwise), but sorry though I am for his loss, there's still no excuse for his behavior.

As a "Yank", I'm deeply offended, embarrassed, and saddened by his rude, carelessly inflamatory postings as well. I've always believed terms like "Euro trash" to be as insulting to the user as they are to those they're directed toward. I'm 100% American and happy to be, but a majority of my ancestors, like those of most Caucasian Americans, come from Europe (which many Americans of similar birth look to fondly), so obviously it's self destructive to think that way, even if it didn't harm people I would choose to meet/keep as friends.

PLEASE know that we're not all ignorant, rude jerks on this side of the pond (despite what our more embarrassing tourists might seem to indicate as well). I'm deeply sorry for any harm Scudsuckah (spell?) has done and I'm far from the only Yank to view Europe as the beloved "Old Country" (a term meant to implie positive images of unrivaled classic cultural beauty and warm, intelligent people). Here's hoping we can collectively move on and leave the bad apples to rot where they may.

A BIG fan of "Doctor Who", French/Italian cuisine, German wine, etc;

8th Feb 2001, 05:13 PM
Old Fart, you don't have to apologise for anything m8, you weren't the one who was doing all the flaming.
and i meant nothing by the "Yank" comment btw, i was just using it as an example of a reversed situation.

The appology wasn't needed....... but apreciated all the same.

and yes...... you may call us your friends :)

8th Feb 2001, 05:36 PM
The Zen has no use for m0's like this.m0's who seek to feel better about themselves by insulting others.I will now do the sensable thing and ignore all further threads by scudsuckah