View Full Version : UT wishlist

7th Feb 2001, 04:51 PM
OK, this is my first post here; been playin UT for quite a while and it's absolutely engraved on my hard drive. I play offline exclusively due to my crappy ping, and I resort to the plentiful mutator/mod community to keep things fresh. So here's the thing: there are some ideas for mutators that I would like to see but have been unable to find or that don't exist. If you have the goods I'm looking for, or ideas of your own, let's hear 'em!!

1. translocator for instagib
2. skin/model randomizer for bots
3. skill, jumpy behavior, aggressiveness, etc... randomizer for bots
4. translocator makes a "holoduke"...(remember those??)
5. a modem to modem UTility, screw that dial up networking manipulation
6. A darkmatch where bots CAN'T see you if your light is out, and they turn theirs off, too

Anyway, that's a few quick ones... what would you all like to see??