View Full Version : Unreal Community Opinions Needed !!!

1st Feb 2001, 12:32 PM
Hello all!

For my dissertation I am doing on onlinegames I would really be interested in all your opinions on my 6 questions!
It would be great if as much of you as possible would answer the 6 (very short) questions!

Thanks in advance!

1)What do you think makes up a “good” Online Multiplayer Game?

2)What do you think is special about computer games (all games not just online) compared to other media?

3)What do you think about the future of Online Multiplayer Games as host-environment for other disciplines (learning, working, research platforms, research laboratories, …)

4)Why do you personally think playing computer games online increases in popularity?

5)Please associate 3 words to the term “interactivity”?

6)Please shortly define “interactivity” from your personal point of view?