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19th Feb 2000, 01:46 PM
If your interested in Joining the OCSD Clan, the newest Clan in the Unreal Tournament...

Email me @ IXSD2000IX@aol.com

And I will get back to you...Make sure you e-mail me with the following two items...

Your Member name

ex. mine is SD!{OCSD}

and Your Position

ex. Sniper.

Features of being a member...

The OCSD Clan is a great clan that has 4 members ! SD & BJJ are the Presidents of the clan... If your good and you love Unreal this is the group to join...

We Own five other companies and we will keep growing, when you join you will be helping out the Unreal Force, our FREE internet radio station,and all of our sites, and you will also get chances to go LIVE on OCSD Radio!!

Thank You for Reading,

Your Prez'z


Be sure to check us out Live on Shoutcast.com

Our station name will be OCSD RaDiO! Live w/ SD& BJJ!

OCSD UNREAL is a Part of OCSD Radio which is a Part of Shoutcast.com Copyright 2000
All Rights Reserved

Join The OCSD Team
w/SD & BJJ
Featured Sites...
SD'z RaDiO!
OCSD Wrestling
And now...
OCSD Unreal!

20th Feb 2000, 07:05 PM
I like squirls!!! No I mean I really like them in that dirty way.

(Hey you! what are you doing with that squirl at my keyboard?! Are you spamming!? Is That MY ID?????!!!!)

I gotta go now.

Ronnie Mervus will pay for his crimes!!!!
George Lucas, Give us Star Wars DVD! Or I swear I'll kill every ewok there is!!!
-John Romero, We just dont want to hear it anymore. SHUT UP!!!

8th Mar 2000, 12:15 AM
That guy is ****ing weird man. I will check you guys out Just give me your website. O ri 'll email you. Peace