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19th Jan 2001, 08:52 PM
I m confused
I read a lot of tut, like the very good :
But I couldn't figure it out a synthetis of
Which softwares( it's seem there is bunch of it) and tutorial will the best for :
1-create A model and texture
2-A "gunfire" animation (mesh ?)
In fact I would like to create a new rocket launcher and the rocket with a new character
I mean the animation fire-trajectory and impact
;) I know I'm ambitious for a newbie :)

22nd Jan 2001, 03:08 AM
Ive never made a model, but plan too. As far as I figure, use 3d studio max, it has a lot of tutorials as well as animation tools(Character studio) But if your like most people who cant afford such programs, I always look at 3d modelling magazines because they sometimes have cd,s on the cover with demos and out of date full version programs. I have no idea of your modelling experience so just in case you dont know it http://www.3dcafe.com has a few tutorials on game character modelling, as well as the basics.