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13th Jan 2001, 06:57 PM
I got highspeed (DSL) access lately at my place of work. My comp there is a PIII 667 with a V3-3000, 128 meg ram. It's got a 21" monitor. I feel a bit awkward playing UT on this machine, as I do not have a real comfy desk setup for the keyboard and mouse. I can't seem to find a real good balance for my mouse sensitivity on this big screen. I shut down everything to try to play UT except Zonealarm Pro. On a close server, I can get a ping of 100.

The system I play at home on, is a 56K connection, athlon 550, V3-3000, 128 meg ram, 19" monitor. I have logged in hundreds of hours on this machine, and my setup is very ergonomic (comfy). My best ping at home would be 250.

My conclusion: high speed access isn't miles ahead of 56k like I thought it would be (read: I suck on highspeed!). Maybe that PIII 667 sucks a bit, too, as it seems to bog down in heavy fighting much more than the athlon 550. About the only difference I could say is that on low ping, headshots occur a bit more frequently. It seems like I can shoot rockets and flak and hit the opponent, but it often doesn't do any damage. Granted, I have learned to lead pretty well on my 56k and maybe this throws me off, but the ping diff isn't THAT huge. I try to adjust a bit, but it really doesn't seem like the amount of lead is all that different. I thought maybe I would see an increase in the number of packets/sec on highspeed, but there is practically no difference: between 30 and 60 pkts/sec on highspeed, whereas I usually get 50 pkts/sec on my 56k. I've increased the netspeed from 4000 to as high as 20000, but that doesn't change anything noticably.

So, my hat is off to you lpb's (at least the ones who play at around 100 - 150 ping) that make the highspeed connection look so much more attractive than it really is. Is there really much improvement at sub 100 pings that make things better?

13th Jan 2001, 07:10 PM
Those extremely low pings make a great deal of difference. One point of proof is the minigun. If you are pinging around 20-30, (as Troll does), you get the kill in one or two seconds (as Troll does). If you're at or above 100, the kill takes twice as long, or so it seems.

Maybe it'll just take a bit of adjusting for you. You've been playing on a system for a year, then suddenly are using a different comp. It doesn't sound like you're too comfortable on it yet. Keep using it for a bit.

13th Jan 2001, 07:59 PM
i think that there is also an issue of confidence that goes with becoming an LPB...

IMO... you have a better idea of what your shots are going to do with a lower ping... it boosts your confidence... and allows you to try and or learn skills that your hadn't been able perfect as a HPB...

my 2 humps...

13th Jan 2001, 08:08 PM
One of the other things to note is a general correlation between people who go to the trouble of getting a broadband connection, and other factors that could affect gameplay.

Generally, since broadband is more expensive, users tend to have a larger hardware budget, which in turn means a more powerful machine, which in turn means better game performance.

Also, in general, someone who's procured broadband to enhance gaming performance also tends to care enough about their games to put effort into other methods of enhancement, including training.

So, while broadband doesn't automagically mean higher scores, it can be a signal of a person who will go the extra distance to get the extra kills.

13th Jan 2001, 08:20 PM
UT Runs better on broadband. I'm stuck on 56k but here and there I truck my machine to a friends and play on his cable. results? 30fps More on Ave. when playing on cable.

13th Jan 2001, 08:22 PM
You're right Moret, saying that it takes some getting accustomed to. Where you used to lead a shot a little, you no longer have to. And Hu, you're right that being an lpb doesn't automatically make you great.

But what is probably also happening is that UT is doing a HD swap when you say it bogs down. Either there is not enough RAM for the things you have running in the background, the Windows Memory Manager's swap file is screwed up, or you have some UT setting off a little.

13th Jan 2001, 08:45 PM
Sounds like your connection may not be optimized. What does your machine actually plug into?

13th Jan 2001, 08:59 PM
Ping means a lot at higher levels. With a lower ping you get bolder and try new stuff (as butress said), you also get a lot more consistant. Pings didnt mean much to me before, cos of my style. But after a while of playign with low pings, I adapted to an LPB playing style.

As a result im a far better player than before, and Im having a lot more fun.

13th Jan 2001, 10:26 PM
My comp plugs into a cable modem which is hooked up to the phone line. I guess that is one thing that I haven't done yet, is attempted all the cable modem tweaks. I know that tweaking my dial up did a lot to improve performance on 56k. I'll check that out!

Does anyone know if having a software firewall running(Zonealarm Pro) is detrimental to gaming performance? I'm a bit paranoid about leaving my machine open for hackers while I'm having fun, though.

I think to really enjoy broadband for gaming, I'd just have wait until such time as it becomes available at home, too. There is a lot of conditioning that goes on as you use exactly the same machine day in and day out. I guess that I shouldn't expect much when I only play once a week on the high speed.

Regarding framerate, I can get about 40 fps online at 56k. On my high speed, I get about the same thing. Is that normal? I didn't think that any server would be refreshing at a much higher rate than that anyway. Are some of you getting 50 or 60 fps online? That would help a lot! I know both my comps average 50 fps offline.

13th Jan 2001, 10:55 PM

Go to the above site. Get the tweaks for windows. Windows is set up with cache sizes etc. for modems, not cable. This'll tweak your registry, and give good advice for your modem tweaks, if necessary.

Another thing that'll help, is to open the control panel. Then open the "system" and select performance. Now click the virtual memory button. Make the minimum and maximum 512.

Also, and I'll be damned if I can figure out where the option is right now, you should set windows to believe that your computer is acting as a server. For some reason it runs quicker. If I remember where it is I'll post it up here for you.

13th Jan 2001, 11:31 PM
I found it.

Control panel.
file system

select "typical role of this computer" to be network server.

14th Jan 2001, 01:25 AM
I think part of it may be that UT isn't designed for high-speed connections. To this day I can get a very large sampling of HL servers pinging between 50-70ms, but with UT I generally get 100-150ms. Don't know why.

14th Jan 2001, 02:21 AM
LOL, I like that little hidden link in LK's status. Stallion whooped his ass good. :)