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4th Dec 1999, 03:12 AM
After having a wonderful experience with the Unreal Tournament demo I ordered the retail version shortly after it was available but I have found it to be much slower and much more frustrating than the earlier released demo.

Now my problem comes with this Virtual Memory error and Unreal Tournament telling me I don't have enough free HD space with is completely ridiculous. I have let Windows manage it on my C: partition which as 800 megs free, I have set a min/max of 250megs and 150megs, I have done that in conjuction with making my system resources 94% free by quiting just about everything. Now I have 128meg of RAM and since the minimum and recommended is 32/64megs I should be able to run this game with 70% system resources easily! Well if anyone can help me out here it would be extremely appreciated because right now I am very dissapointed with what Epic has done to the game.

More information? Running a Celeron 300A@450, 128megs PC100 Ram, Creative TNT 2 Ultra, MX300 A3D sound (splash screen is disabled), and a WD 10.1 GB hard drive with ~800megs on C: partition and 1.4 Gigs on the D:. The game gets to where it goes full screen (black, no visuals) I start to hear 1 sec. of sound and then it crashes with the virtual memory problem. Please help!

-Mike "Missionyrd" Weber

4th Dec 1999, 04:51 PM
Truth in advertising..it's a myth, especially in the world of software games..those minimum / recommended specs are an absolute falsehood!

I wouldn't mind it it took a supercomputer to run a game..just don't need the bull**** that's printed on the box..the truth would be much more refreshing!

4th Dec 1999, 04:58 PM
i'd be dissapointed to my friend... what a rip eh. try planet quake they've got a tutorial that he;ps you tweak your system to the max. unless you've already done so than forget i mentioned it.

"The doctor is in"

6th Dec 1999, 11:20 AM
Don't know if this will help, but you could try upping the size of the UT disk cache...

6th Dec 1999, 12:35 PM
Krane is right. The Virtual memory UT is talking about is the UT disk cache. Increase it from the default value of 4 meg to 16 meg or more if enough resources have released them selves from main memory.

Close down all apps and TSR's from your OS. To check press Ctrl-Alt-Del and view the contents of the pick list. A clean memory pool will list only the following processes running: Systray and Explorer. You can remove any others listed.

Space Cruz
30th Dec 1999, 06:15 PM
I've got the same problem and increasing the engine cache size doesn't do diddly, nor does much else I've tried these last few days.

I'll at least try to work with this another day or so and certainly post any findings.
Yours in misery...

30th Dec 1999, 11:24 PM
try setting your virtual memory min and max both to 300.
Also, this takes a little time. Set your virtual memory to zero, let windows cry it's ok.
Then defrag your hard drive.
Then set your min and max to 300megs.
This way you have 300 megs(plenty) of optimized memory set aside.
In the UT console(press ~ then type preferences) go to advanced then set the cache to 96 megs.
In the UT window, under options disable the special sound(you did that, huh).
Lowering the actor and level detail helps.
Changing the res helps only a little.
Well, thats everything I did and mine runs ok. I have everything set to the max and average 30 fps and I usually play with about 8 bots.
Overall I seemed to notice the slowness as you do. I guess in the end a real powerful pIII processor would solve this.
Also, custom maps can cause much more slowdown because of all the textures and effects unless they are made by the real good mappers who understand the principles of design and playability, whats in view and proper zoning make a world of difference.
Well, I hope the defrag and resize works for you.
How bout posting back with results along with your fps, settings on a certain map!

Space Cruz
31st Dec 1999, 11:58 AM
Thanks for the help, Keet, but no dice.

My specs are:

AMD K-6II 450
128 RAM
ATI Rage 128 16MB
6.4 GB HD space open
WIN 98

I set my VM to 320 min/max (2.5 x 128RAM), set the cache to 96 and then 110, have 94% system resources open, and still can't get it to work!

Oddly enough, I can get the sp DM and Dom boards to play just fine with 25fps average, but the second CTF board "Niven" crashes with an "Out of VM" and I've had the same problem getting on a server or even accessing the Practice mode.

I've no idea what's going on, and have yet to hear from GT tech support (has anyone been able to talk to a human there?) I've gotta say I'm very disappointed. After the cr*ppy support for D3D in the original, I should have learned my lesson about GT. The game does seem awesome, but I find it hard to believe it won't run on my system.

Oh well, I have until the 15th to return it, and would gratefully welcome any more suggestions from my other tech gods.

Space Cruz
31st Dec 1999, 02:30 PM
I got the VM problem fixed!!!!!!!!!

Keet and all, thanks sooooo much for your help. I've posted my solution on the main UT board on this site; check it out if you need help.

Thanks again.