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17th Dec 1999, 05:52 AM
Everyone with the same problem, please post your hardware and software stats in this "topic" so that I can send it to GT Interactive Support. I've checked lots of forums and havn't found anyone having the solution to this problem.

It's the "virtual memory" error which shows after clicking on "RUN" to run the game, saying that Iv'e ran out of it.
I've tested to set it to a fixed one of 600MB and I've let windows manage it. Iv'e installed the game on separate hardisks and on my startup. I've installed it and tried to run it with and without the patch (402). I've also tried with all tasks except "explorer" and "systray" shut down. And, of course, I've tried with all the different setting you can do from the starting window of Unreal Tournament, where you click to run it, to troubleshoot, run in safe mode, etc..

I just formatted and reinstalled my system one week ago. Installed all my main programs and then defraged.

My system is as follows:
Windows 98
900MB free space
no compressed HD
Pentium II MMX 350Mhz
GeForce 256 DDR



18th Dec 1999, 12:09 PM
I have the exact same problem you have. Check out my "Virtual Memory...again" message.

I've tried everything, Clean installs, etc. the whole works still don't work /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif

My System is:

Windows 98
P II MMX 350 mhz
1.78 GB Free on C: Drive
Detonater 3.53
Direct X7

S7 motherboard AMD K2 350
2 MB Cache

Viper 550 TNT

Space Cruz
30th Dec 1999, 06:04 PM
Same problem, but I can play deathmatch alright.

No Practice, no internet play, and CTF crashes on the "Niven" board.

If a patch doesn't come soon, this baby's going back for Q3.

AMD K-6 II 450
128 MB Ram
ATI Rage 128 16MB
6.4 GB open
Win 98