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13th Dec 1999, 03:48 AM
How do I get the Editor to start? I keep getting Editor.dll is missing or cannot be opened for some reason. I tried re-installing but no luck. Is there a DLL file I can download or something to get this #$%& thing to work?

13th Dec 1999, 03:51 AM
I've had the same problem. I've been told to that the UnrealED actually installs when you install the first disk, you just need to go into the directory and find it, then create a shortcut. Supposedly the missing .dll file is in this version.

13th Dec 1999, 04:41 PM
The problem is that when I installed UT there was an UnrealEd folder with a zipped file in it. Is that not it or is the actual program located in a different folder or area?

13th Dec 1999, 08:13 PM
OK, it works. Go into windows explorer and select the ut folder, next select System. You will see an icon for Unreal edit (looks like a gray U) Select this and its runs fine!
You DO NOT need to use the zipped file.

Now to understand what the HELL i'm looking at!

Thanks to all those who gave me advice..

29th Dec 1999, 11:35 PM
You're lucky! Mine doesn't even load for some reason. If you don't know how to use the editor, go out and buy the new Online Arena mag, by PCGamer. It has a nice tutorial to get you making some good maps.