View Full Version : How do I install Unrealed?

1st Mar 2000, 06:23 PM
Hi, I really want to get into Unreal level design, but where is Unrealed?? During the instalation process, the checkbox to install Unrealed isn't even there! In fact, the only filename on the Unreal CD with the word Unrealed in it is Unrealed.ico in /help which is 2K in size. Unreal was packaged with my Voodoo3 3000 card. Could this explain the absence of Unrealed? If my version doesn't have Unrealed on it, where can I get it? I paid for it, I have the right to use Unrealed! On the other hand, I could just be stupid and it is ineed on the CD. In any case, how do i install it?


1st Mar 2000, 07:08 PM
Download it here

1st Mar 2000, 07:08 PM
To Install Unrealed:

If you have the origianl Unreal, go to http://unreal.epicgames.com and go to the UnrealEd Quick Notes. Download the file at the top named UnrealEd Fix 4. That should fix your problem and install Unrealed.

If you have Unreal Tournament and get UnrealEd to work, throw in the 2nd CD and do either of these two things.

-Open Windows Explorer and view the UT CD 2. Go into the UnrealEd folder and run the executable file entitled InstallUnrealEd. It's that simple.

-Run the setup off the UT CD 2. Uncheck the Hi-rez Textures and let it complete the installation, and you're done.


1st Mar 2000, 09:08 PM
I keep saying to run the setup on the 2nd CD cause it's installing stuff that isn't covered in the regular UnrealEdInstaller (which is the same as the UnrealEdFix4 at the Unreal Tech Page).