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16th Dec 1999, 02:37 PM
I would like to know which it the best, I like my Glide with my Voodoo3500 but would like to know Which D3D works the best with UT without hurting fps and looks really good??

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16th Dec 1999, 04:11 PM

16th Dec 1999, 06:42 PM
Yes, as of right now the GeForce card is the best OpenGL and D3D card on the market for any game, but if you haven't got the cheddar to be able to afford one, I'd have to say go with a Matrox G400. In games that are not optimized for hardware T&L, it comes damn close to the GeForce for pure FPS power.

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16th Dec 1999, 10:51 PM
use a TNT2 Ultra...dont waste money on the GeForce.Nothing really uses T&L yet and by the time alot of games are out there that do there will be other next gen cards.
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17th Dec 1999, 05:30 AM
I can afford G-Force so if I wanted one where would be the best place to shop for one??

I tried TNT Ultra and was not to impressed with its fps, but appreciate you offering that /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif Alien8 where online could I find a G-Force at a good price, and good shipping status??

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17th Dec 1999, 05:50 AM
TNT Ultra and TNT2 is not the same if I'm not mistaken.

The Ultra is just a TNT with fast ram and TNT2 is the next generation with a much better performance. Right now it must be the best value for money.

Nevertheless. I'm sure you will enjoy a Geforce just as much as me :-)

Either get a DDR based card or go with ASUS. The V 6600 Deluxe is great for OC!

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17th Dec 1999, 10:10 AM
the GeForce is the best d3d/ogl card out right now, but its still gonna be crappy compared to your v3-3500 in UT thats for sure. GeForce is pretty much equal to TNT2ultra in terms of fps for UT. so unless u NEED it for other games or whatever dont waste your money, your v3 3500 is plentiful in power for anything out today, not to mention it blows any card out of the water in terms of UT performance.

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17th Dec 1999, 06:53 PM
Well I like my V3 3500 thats for sure , but was wanting to dabble alittle bit into the D3D and see the nicer side of graphics /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif .. I know it will never beat my fps, but since I have an extra agp slot I figured I would throw one in just to toy with!! I do have alot of games that really need D3D to run them!! They really were not make for glide, and run sluggish..And since ogl and D3D do not work well with Voodoos I am not worried about the cost of one.. I meant to say TNT2 Ulra is what I had, it just was to picky when it came down to all these drivers they got floating around.. I already ordered the geForce so I will see if its worth the money /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

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17th Dec 1999, 07:56 PM
GeForce is the best right now..

Did benchtest and compared it to my friends Matrox G400 MAX and GeForce kicked butt ;P

it was faster in every category nearly /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

21st Dec 1999, 12:45 PM
No way Rage fury128 32mb

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21st Dec 1999, 06:53 PM
First of all, the there is no TNT Ultra, it is the TNT 2 Ultra, its the TNT 2 chipset but with faster clocked ram and some other things like I think an onboard cooling fan.

The ATI Rage Fury 32 bites. G400 sounds good and looks good but I'm still unsure about Matrox cuz of their past with vid cards for gamers and business dudes.

The GEForce is 30% - 40% faster than the TNT 2 Ultra. I know that as a fact cuz many magazines have benchmarked it and tested it among games.

About your question to what card is good for D3D and/or OpenGL, I would say, get the TNT 2 ULTRA and when Transform & Lighting supported games come out, there will be new generations of cards out. But I am warning you, the TNT 2 ULTRA does go on its knees in UT, thats what I heard though. So if u buy the TNT 2 ULTRA or TNT 2 and u come here yelling at me, don't yell at me...look at other posts on this messageboard about the TNT 2 Ultra or not w/ UT.

Good Luck, Hope I cleared some vague stuff...

21st Dec 1999, 09:07 PM
uh, he already has a tnt2ultra

22nd Dec 1999, 09:51 AM
I guess the only way I am going to find out is to get both, and bench test them .. Besides I have another computer I could slap one of them into, if I wanted an extra card.. Thanks for your advise guys /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif I will let you know how it goes.. Oh, sorry about my ranting posts, you see I am trying to pinpoint a server, that put me on a map, that everytime I would respawn I would die over and over !! I figured if I posted what I did at the UT forum he might show up !! I can't remember the servers name right off, but was hoping to recognize his nameif hee showed up.. I tried to find out his email address, but no luck..

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26th Dec 1999, 07:20 PM
you people are all fools. wraith is asking for the best D3D card. Geforce isn't the best, trust me. its the best for opengl running in 32 bit color. the best in D3D is the Matrox G400 or G400 Max. there is nothing better to run d3d games than a g400 max. the g400 and g400 max don't do opengl as well as d3d though. here people, heres a rundown of cards.

Best OpenGL card: GeForce 256 or TNT2 Ultra

Best Direct3D card: Matrox G400 or G400 Max

Best Glide (and only) card: Voodoo3 3000

Best Overall Card: Voodoo3 3000

this should solve any problems, but i bet you people knew this stuff already, right? heh. =P

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