View Full Version : Forums lock up my browser?

16th Feb 2000, 01:14 AM
OK, at least 75% of the time I click on the forums link, my browser locks up, and I have to ctrl-alt-del. Weird. I can surf happily for hours, and on other UBB boards, but when I try to come here, it locks. Any ideas?

22nd Feb 2000, 01:58 PM
I know exactly what you are talking about. Thats the same thing that I went though. The change I made that seemed to stop the locking up was going from IE4 to IE5 but IE5 causes MANY more problems everywhere else. On my computer IE5 will probably be deleted in favor of IE4 in the near future so this may be one of my last posts. /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif

22nd Feb 2000, 08:25 PM
I get it too ......what a major pain in the a$$. So IE5 is causing it huh?


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22nd Feb 2000, 09:39 PM
Thanks for responding. I have tried several times since posting that to get back. With all due respect though, I hardly think the answer is dumping IE5. ( yes, I use it too ) It just doesn't make sense to me to dump a browser I like for one forum. Like I said before, every other UBB I visit works. Bummer though, I just got UT and would like to visit the forum, ah well. THanks again.

23rd Feb 2000, 01:09 AM
IE5 works fine on this site for me, it was IE4 that always locked up. IE5 causes all kinds of problems on other sites where IE4 always worked good. Thats why I may go back to IE4 and if I do the problems with this place will probably return. /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif


24th Feb 2000, 11:59 AM
I use IE5 and it works just fine with almost everything I can't see it being IE5.

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11th Oct 2000, 09:52 PM
I have used various versions of IE on this board with no problems, so I'd say that there must be something else wrong, rather than just "IE5 isn't compatible with this board".

I have noticed it takes a long to d/l info from this server, maybe your machine is just waiting for a looooong time? What sort of link do you have?