View Full Version : Unrela not reckognising directories

16th Dec 2000, 01:26 PM
Please help me. When I boot up UT and play in multiplayer only the first map I play on works, After that when the next map starts to load my UT cant find any maps or textures, or system files such as engine, and botpack so I have to reboot it again. UT every map. Im hoping someone can help me with this, Im a UT player for over a year without any problems, and this started a couple days ago.
no new installs or adjustments have been made to my pc to cause this
P111 550
12 GB HD
even if i goto a normal map like "phobos moon"
upon first boot up of ut i can get in no problem,
but if i try to reconnect, the server starts sending me the map phobos moon and botpack.u thinking its not on my system

i have all bonuspacks, inoxx, and v.436patch.
if i reboot ut then i can get into a server once. but upon map rotation. it starts downloading.. no matter what server i try.
sometimes the error ie)when its downloading the map morpheus which is alrerady in my maps directory. a message will come and say "failed.file mismatch error!
please help im dying over here

16th Dec 2000, 02:04 PM
Hmm. Read in some earlier threads that this could be a virus problem.
Hope it isn't, but safety first.