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18th Dec 1999, 01:22 AM
SO this is it huh?...Its coming down to having to REINSTALL and REBUILD our whole computers?? Do you guys back your whole system up before doing this? IF so, how? I have a lot of programs and stuff I've downloaded...like new drivers and such, that I wouldn't want to redo. How much does this help the system? I have a pentium 600 and I don't think it even runs that fast...maybe this could help...also, I first installed WIn98SE on my computer and had nothing but PROBLEMS!! Is this the case with anyone else? My computer took FOREVER to load and crashed all the time! I installed Win98 first edition and have been runnning it ever since....I have them both...and suggestions?? Please respond

18th Dec 1999, 03:08 AM
Emporer3D, I sympathize with you. But it is not as bad as you might think. I have a folder called Zipfiles, which I use to save every downloaded driver, game update etc., each one under some suitable sub-folder name (it can be a while sometimes, before I look up one of these files, and some of the original file names are a bit too cryptic to be much good. I usually end up going back on the net and checking if I have the latest versions, but if you already have done this, then you're a step ahead.)

Reformatting your hard drive is a total waste of time unless you've gotten some kind of virus, and even then that may not fix the problem if it is an MBR virus. So, by not reformatting, you get to save all your upgrades intact.

Create a bootable diskette by formatting a floppy disk with the option of "copy system files".
The main problem you might have is getting your Cdrom recognized when you kill windows. Most likely, you may have a 16-bit driver for it on some floppy that came with your CDrom or, it may use a universal atapi_cd.sys driver. You need to find out what the proper file name is before you delete windows. Copy that file onto the bootable floppy disk.

Copy mscdex.exe to this floppy.

Copy edit.com from your windows/command folder to this floppy, in case you need to edit your config.sys or autoexec.bat files, which you also must copy to the boot floppy. Then, open this autoexec.bat in notepad and delete everything in it except for


Note that the /L:F refers to the letter name of your cdrom, and you could change the "F" to the proper drive letter.
Save it , then open the config.sys file on the boot floppy and delete everything in it except for:


This is assuming that this last device driver is the proper one for your cd. You should test this floppy to see if your computer will boot from it before you delete windows. After it boots, try to change the prompt to the drive letter of your cdrom. If it works, then you're all set to go. Put your windows cd in the drive and do a "dir" command (without the quotes). You should see a listing of the folders and files on your windows cd.

Then, go back to the C:\ prompt and type "smartdrv". This loads smartdrive which makes the next step go much more quickly.
Type "deltree windows" and voila, your windows directory disappears. Then, change the command prompt to your cd drive letter and type "setup". Windows should now begin setup as if it were a new machine.
After windows is set up again, you need to reinstall most of the software to get the registry up to date with what is on your machine. Then, you can reinstall the updates for each program from your "zipfile" folder, or whatever you want to call it.

18th Dec 1999, 03:27 AM
WOW... Give us more info man (or girl) so we can try to help you. Give specs, all of em...
What are you running there? Proc, Mobo, Vid Card, mem, etc. Did you do a clean OS install?
#2 get second HD and put all the GOODIES there so when you reinstall OS you don't loose anything. Or get a burner. I have both and back up every HD twice a month. And that's 2 business PC's and 2 personnal, home LAN....


18th Dec 1999, 12:06 PM
OKok, I will tell you my system. Its a:

Pentium III 600B
128mb (PC133 ram)
Soundblaster Live!
Creative DVD (drx3)
18 gig Western Dig, 7200 rpm drive
Creative Annhililator Geforce 256
Clean install of Win98 (first edition)
Chaintech motherboard with the VIA chipset
anything else? (an awesome sony 19" monitor!)
Please help me!