View Full Version : GPF's ? UT Crashing? i fixed mine. heres how

17th Dec 1999, 03:52 AM
I have a voodoo 3 2000, AMD k6-400, win 98, 128MB Ram.

Problems that I HAD : UT intalled fine the first time i got it. I starting having problems when unreal was interruped by a win 98 message at some point, and UT crashed. When i tried to start it back up, i got a GPF message right after the GT Inreactive splash screen. i could no longer load the game. A reinstall of UT didnt help. a Reinstall of Windows didnt help. I read all the postings about Voodoo problems, AMD issues with Voodoo, UNreal Tournamnt, everything. they said to disable this in CMOS, change that setting, try this, do that. None of it worked. After Playing around with my system setting so much, i started getting windows Vxd messages, blue screens...talk about frustrating .


i opened my box, and removed all cards except for the video card. i took out my memory, and put it back in. (re-seated it...memory that has somehow become a little loose can cause all kinds of unexplained errors.) I WENT INTO CMOS and choose LOAD OPTIMAL SETTINGS. forget all that crap you've read about disabling video cache if you have a voodoo whatver and an AMD, or whatevr combo, or whatever tweaks you've read that you should make. ITS WINDOWS BABY..A DIRTY WINDOWS THAT NEEDS TO BE CLEANED.

I then installed 98, NOT OVER the previous version, BUT COMPLETELY CLEAN, in a new dir.
then i added 1 card. (my modem)..booted, 98 recognized it, installed the driver, etc. repeated for the rest of my cards, rebooting between adding each card. FOLKS, IT DOESNT GET CLEANER THAN THIS. i noticed that my IRQ's had changed. After i verified my system was ok, i decided (this probably didnt do much, but) to download the win98 update from Microsoft...i installed that. rebooted. installed IE5 (once again, i didnt have to do this). rebooted. then i finally intalled UT. BINGO! works like a charm. been working for 2 weeks now. at one point i remember UT being interupted by my modem disconnecting (after 30 mins of inactivity)..UT crashed to the desktop...i though "Damn..not again" (this is what started my initial problem)...and i held my breath as i started it back up..but it worked fine. UT is sensitive to system interruptions. but thats no biggie.

My conclusion : windows works best when its clean. i think after adding card after card..driver after driver, my system became unstable. If you are having these problems, just clean house. make it like new.

it may be painful reinstalling 98, if thats all you have...but it was OK with me as i dual boot with NT, and NT is what i use for everything but games.

I hope this helps you all. Good Luck!