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14th Dec 1999, 01:02 AM
Okay, i posted this before, but there may have been some confusion, so this time I will go into greater detail.

I have a PII 233, 64mb RAM, Voodoo2 12mb computer. I use my college LAN to connect to the internet, hence i have very low pings, around 30-150 while playing games, so that isn't the problem. Whenver I start a multiplatyer game, online or not, the Lag is hell. It's totally unplayable. It's even in the menus once I start up the game. Once I quit the game, it's fine again. Singleplayer mode runs great, especially for my computer. I know it's not my video card, I've ran it in several video modes, all equally suck. HELP ME!!!

14th Dec 1999, 01:38 AM
Make sure you have the right connection option checked off in the menu, that's the only other thing I can think of.

14th Dec 1999, 10:55 AM
I do....trust me...everything that is simple I've done, nothing works

17th Dec 1999, 08:38 AM
The netcode is broken. Not in the way that you would think, but rather in the fact that there are spikes and lag from hell. I have posted a couple of times but everyone else blames it off to bad ISP, modem tweaking. It could very well be, but I have done everything possible and it still does it. I have also e-mailed epic so that they will know that problems do exist and you should do the same thing. Good Luck.

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