View Full Version : No Full Screen with D3d

16th Dec 1999, 10:03 PM
I had some troubles with my PC and had to re-install Windows. Since then, I can't get UT to run Full-Screen under D3D.

I have a Creative TNT2 Ultra with the latest drivers from nVidia. I also have the Creative unified drivers.

UT only offers 3dfx or Software as detected video options. 3dfx runs full-screen, but kinda jerky. When I force D3D, it seems to be going to software anyway.

Any ideas? I've reinstalled the nVidia drivers a couple of times to no avail.


17th Dec 1999, 01:41 AM
Turns out my DirectX must have been messed up (though none of my other D3D games showed it). After re-installation, the problem was solved.