View Full Version : UT TNT1-Problems (kinda strange)...

Sonic Life
16th Dec 1999, 08:09 PM

On my system (K6-2 300, 128MB, Creative Labs TNT1, 16MB) I got a strange problem with UT (demo as well as full version 4.00 and 4.02) in D3D. All the textures (Game and menu!) sometimes switch in a lower resolution with strange colors. Sometimes it switches back and forth from ok to strange a couple of times within a second. This happens with the official CL-drivers. I have already tried out the Detonator-drivers (latest ones), but with them UT doesn't even start (and yes, I have waited more then just a couple of minutes). Any help??? Thanx in advance.

Sonic Life
16th Dec 1999, 08:11 PM
Encore: I forgot to mention that this also happens in OpenGL... (with the exeption that it's ALWAYS strange...)