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10th Dec 1999, 01:31 PM
Hey, Everytime I try to play on CTF: Niven it gives me a critical error that theres not enough virtual memory in my primary drive C: . WTF? I've got over 2 GB there! So I upped the cache size from 4 to 16....Still no change! So I got rid of some programs running in the background and got 94% resources free....STILL NO CHANGE!!!
I set min to 150 and max to 600, nothing happened. I even have the LATEST drivers but (again) still no change. *Begins to cry* I even reinstalled it 2 or 3 times but the problems STILL there /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif

I also have a problem while playing on Dom: Sesmar and the textures, polys and picture is all over the place. Theres constant flickering in Sesmar and it makes that un playyable too /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif

Help guys your my ONLY hope.
And I can't finish UT because of these problems /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif

My Specs are: Viper 550 TNT , 3.53 Detonator Driver, P II 350 mhz, SB live sound card. 2.93 GB on C Drive.


10th Dec 1999, 05:30 PM
Virtual memory has nothing to do with UT's cache or your system resources "ram". It is the amount of hard drive space windows uses as temporary storage.

To set: right click "My Computer", Goto properties, Select the performance tab, select "Virtual Memory"

I recommend you select "Let me specify..." Then set the min and max to the same value specified in Mb. Mine is set at 320 and I've had no problems.

You can let windows manage this, but it will increase and decrease it's size on the fly which can cause your system to pause as the hard drive seems to thrash for several seconds. Very inconvenient during a DM

Good Luck!

live long, and have fun

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11th Dec 1999, 05:06 AM
Planet Quake tweaks say that it's good to set your Vir.Mem.(min&max) for the double size of RAM you've got - my system has 64, so VM is 128Mb (if i caculated correctly /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif)

11th Dec 1999, 11:06 AM
Bugsy: I tried that too. I set it max: 320 min: 320 and STILL I have the same problems /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif

I've got 128 MB ram so I'll change my Virtual Mem, Min and Max to 256 tonight. I'll let you know if it worked on my system /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

11th Dec 1999, 12:05 PM
I've tried 256 also...didn't work /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif

Heres more specs:

S7 motherboard AMD K2 350
2 MB Cache

Viper 550 TNT

If I or any OF YOU cannot solve this I'll have to be forced to return UT and buy Q3 instead /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif

11th Dec 1999, 12:41 PM
Why don't you just let Windows manage your virtual memory? If it keeps saying that you are out of VM when *you* control the settings, why not let the *OS* take care of it? People are gaining .5 fps by crashing the program.

I noticed that UT uses a lot more VM on TNT and TNT2 cards than on a V3.

11th Dec 1999, 04:07 PM
Hey, Cyrus, sorry to hear you're still having problems. Just as a thought, have you defragged your drive? It might help if the virtual mem area is contiguous...I'm not sure...couldn't hurt though.

Good Luck

11th Dec 1999, 06:08 PM
Cyrus and others, there's no real need to have an upper limit on your windows swap file (aka virtual memory). It is probably good to have a lower limit, only if the swap file is in one contiguous section of your hard drive. If you use Norton system Works, the speed disk optimizer actually can move the swap file to the beginning of your hard drive (I guess that's better).

If you don't have Norton, then first you must disable virtual memory. Reboot and run defrag. Afterwards, specify a minimum of say 256meg, and no maximum. Reboot again. Now windows will create the swap file as one large area of your HD. As your game plays, it will use up the HD space that is assigned as the minimum, then if it needs more, windows can use other space on your HD.

12th Dec 1999, 05:39 AM
Cyrus, did you get it right? Not playing UT sucks! I can't find anything new on the issue, but i'll let you know if i get smth. new.

12th Dec 1999, 11:07 AM
HuFlungDung, I haven't got Norton and I tried what you said to, like set my min to 256 and none for max but it won't let me set my max smaller than my min, if you know what I mean /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif

Not playing UT SUCKS! Aw I've only got a few days left to be able to return it for Q3 Arena. So do you guys think I should keep UT and try to fix this majour problem with your help or return it for Q3?


Help! /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif

12th Dec 1999, 04:04 PM
if you want an extension on ur time for this game, why not return it, then buy it again at another store. haha. just a suggestion, until you figure out what's wrong, i hope you get it figured out.

12th Dec 1999, 08:06 PM
Sorry, Cyrus, I meant by setting no upper limit that you'll allow windows to use the rest of your HD space. Usually there is a large number in that box by default, and it IS the rest of the space on your hard drive, not none.

13th Dec 1999, 12:27 PM
I set my min to "256MB" and max to "No Maximum" and it still has that problem /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif


Should I send my log files to Epic or something?

Cyrus <--- Is a thick *************

I can't play or finish UT /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif
This game has been the BIGGEST hassle I've ever gone through...It might be just easier to ditch UT and get Q3 and HL instead. Still gotta have hope right?

13th Dec 1999, 08:00 PM
Well... you've probably tried everything by now, but just in case, have you killed most everthing from your task bar to free up system resources? I have 94% free right after boot up. If you press cntr-alt-del you should only see "Explorer" and "Systray" running unless you have some special driver requirements such as the Logitech wheel mouse. Alot of that other crap that builds up on your task bar is just that. You can kill them usually by right clicking them and then end them. But, they'll be back the next time you reboot unless you either uncheck the task bar option in their applets, or by running "msconfig" and uncheck them from the "startup" tab.

Sorry for the long mesg. Hope you can get it fixed.

Corpse Grinder
14th Dec 1999, 12:01 AM
I have the same problem! When I run it in single-user mode and get to the 3rd map, I get the "Ran out of virtual memory" error. This happens every single time. I have done it all defrag, manual set virtual mem min250 max 250. I have 96MB and 1GB free on my primary disk.

This really sucks. I do not know what to do. Maybe I should have stuck with Quake and bought Q3 instead.

Let me know if you guys find anything. I really want to play this!

PII 266
96 MB
ATI Rage Pro AGP

Corpse Grinder

14th Dec 1999, 07:59 AM
Try Doing a Fresh Clean Reinstallment of Windows.

If everything else fails im sure it will help!

Try it if you cant get anything else to work..

Reinstalling will work... Trust me...

Corpse Grinder
14th Dec 1999, 11:45 PM
I guess it is time huh ? I used to format my disk once or twice a week, but I have grown out of that phase.

I love to download all my stuff again with 56K modem!

Other option... Install Linux and try it ?

Corpse Grinder

16th Dec 1999, 03:57 AM
Well Well Well, you boyz sure sound like youve got a problem. sounds like its actually a Win Os error. Probably this might help,

First, sys specs.
amdk62 300/66 fsb
voodoo3 2000
sblive value
2.2 gb hdd
= 40 fps on med detail with all hardware enabled.

One thing that I would do If I were you is to be sure not to have program manager running, that bastard sux resources like a bitch, second, turn off Scrn Svrs, turn off power management, and leave your freakin virtual mem settings to 150mb min 200 mx; that's all you really need anyway. hope it helps for you. I had this game running sweet even on my old p166mmx chip b4 I upgraded to a amdk62! peace!

p.s. - if you have 2 hard drives install the dam thing on the second drive and make your first one cache only, it's a big improvement.

Corpse Grinder
16th Dec 1999, 07:22 PM
Well, after several emails with gti support, we couldn't figure it out. I was able to install and run it on my P166/win98 machine just fine. I guess it was something bogus with windoze. After a clean install, it worked fine. To bad it had to come down to that. Oh well, from the looks of it, I'm glad I did it because this game is sweet!

Thanks for your help.

16th Dec 1999, 07:57 PM
I dont know if this will help any but if you make a seperate partition for your swap file It helps it from getting fragmented. If your swap file is getting fragmented that might screw things up. Just a guess though. You can use Partition Magic to make a partition without having to reformat your drive. You might want to see if there is a shareware version you can download go here www.powerquest.com/partitionmagic/index.html (http://www.powerquest.com/partitionmagic/index.html)