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16th Dec 1999, 12:27 AM
Have 128mb RAM.
(installed 64mb months ago, no prob.)
When I put a new 32mb DIMM in there, on bootup computer recognizes 160, but shuts off b4 Windows can start up.
How bout that?

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16th Dec 1999, 05:40 AM
Few suggestions:

1) Reseat the DIMM, making sure that the whole DIMM is in the slot.

2) If the DIMM is too snug in the DIMM slot, exchange it. This happened to me last month. One of two Micron DIMMs I bought from Micron's store (www.crucial.com) was slightly longer than the other. It was a very tight fit, and the machine would crash when run with the DIMM. Got a new one. No problems since.

3) Try the DIMM all by itself, then with the others.

4) Lock the DIMM's timing info to a more forgiving value. If it is rated for a CAS latency of 2, try forcing it to 3.

5) Open you case and set up a fan blowing into it, just to be sure the problem isn't heat.

Just my $0.02

16th Dec 1999, 02:20 PM
I think I asked you this on a previous thread, but: you aren't mixing ECC and regular RAM, are you? This crashed my machine pretty nicely.

Also, I know that it turned out to be the wrong memory for your dad's Cyrix. Are you sure that it is the correct type for your machine? EDO vs. SDRAM, etc.? PC100 vs. PC133, etc.? I believe that all of the memory must be of the same type.