View Full Version : UT, Win2K and TNT2

15th Dec 1999, 01:19 AM
Under DX7 in Win2k I get poor performance even running in a window. It won't go full screen at all.OpenGL is unplayable at 5fps.
Dual PIII 450, SuperMicro MB
128 Mg Ram
LeadTek TNT2 16Mb
Win2K RC3

15th Dec 1999, 02:12 PM
I run full screen just fine, with D3D.. I cant run with openGL at all though..

my System
Windows 2000 Server 2195 final
Viper 770 TNT2 main card
Voddoo3 3000 secondary card on other monitor
320 MB Ram

running UT with D3D in 1024/768 16 bit