View Full Version : Video card problems.

13th Dec 1999, 03:08 AM
Getting some strange goings on with my puter. Whenever I reboot it takes sometimes up to five minutes to complete. The mouse pointer disappears and reappears. After a few minutes of this things seem ok for the most part but every now and then a window will freeze up, I can open up other windows but that one remains frozen, can't close it or anything. Occasionally the whole screen will freeze up and I have to reboot again. I thought it might be my video card overheating so I put two heat sink fans on it but that didn't help. I've scandisked and defragged and reinstalled the video card drivers. I've never done a reformat of my hard drive and a reinstall of win98se. Is that the solution, and if so some advice on doing that please.

My system:
P3 500
320 megs
Voodoo3 3000

Thanks for any help.

14th Dec 1999, 02:14 AM
Sounds like a reinstall of windows could be in order Drumbler. It sure can't hurt anyhow.

14th Dec 1999, 03:22 AM
drumbler, hmmm...I kind of like that. /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif
Yeah I might do that. I got rid of my wallpaper and a bunch of desktop/tray icons and that seemed to fix it, but some programs load a little slower then they used to. Not getting those problems any more at least for now.